About Perfect Money

Perfect Money is a financial service which allows users to make instant payments and to make money transfers securely throughout the Internet. It opens unique opportunities to Internet users and owners of the Internet businesses.

All users of PerfectMoney can easily convert their funds into other electronic currencies within the shortest terms and at reasonable rates. The established way of cooperation with banks allows Perfect Money to receive and to send wire transfers worldwide.

As you register in Perfect Money system, you are able to choose one of three different statuses. The following accounts statuses are available: Normal, Premium and Partner. The Normal account is an account that is assigned to all new customers that register at the PerfectMoney website. The Normal account does not give you any limitations either.

The Premium account is given to users that keep their account active during one year. In order to upgrade your account from normal account to premium one, you will be required to send a request for this service to the customer service department. Premium accounts are privileged with benefits which include low 2% fee on transfers via bank as well as a priority treatment in all deposits and withdrawals of your account funds.

Partner accounts are only assigned on the discretion of the Perfect money administration. Partner accounts are given to individuals that wish to optimize their websites for business to business transactions. Typically, people that run their businesses via the Internet are prime individuals to obtain one of these partner accounts. Partner accounts are the most privileged type of accounts offering an increased level of trust to its holder and his/her business. Some of its unique features are 1.5% fee on withdrawals via bank wire, 1.5% fee for deposits from Pecunix account and 8% annual interest on the minimal account balance calculated monthly.

    Fees for use of security instruments: Informing by SMS - 0.10%
    Fees for use of security instruments: Account recovery - $100
    Account recovery - $100
    Withdrawal wire transfer fee is $100+ 3%. You can withdraw your money and deposit it into any bank account.

For Customers whose business activity is connected with Internet Perfect Money system offers optimal package of business solutions including convenient functional tools of settlements specially developed by the PerfectMoney financiers while considering the needs of the state-of-art of IT business.
Functional tools of settlements:

    Convenient and detailed reports simplify your work in PerfectMoney account. Get notified about new financial operations, view charts and real-time statement.
    System of automatic recurrent payment set up. This tool is designed to organize monthly expenses of your enterprise; it allows payments to be performed in an automatic mode.
    Perfect API Merchant. Basing our opinion on the criteria of functionality, reliability and safety, we do not expect any analog of Perfect Money to appear in the next few years. The Perfect Money engineers have created such a tool which allows any business structure to organize any online process of product sales, services or access to content with the maximum ease and safety.
    Multilanguage system allows you to conduct business around the world. Perfect Money payment system confirms its international status - website is translated into 20 languages.

Numerous researches have proved that Perfect Money combines multi-level security process with the simplicity and convenience of the systems use. The program toolbox of Perfect Money security system overpasses the development of all currently available modern technologies and tools for a payment system crack. As a result it brings the risks of Perfect Money users to the lowest mark. Moreover, every user of Perfect Money system has right to set security settings individually.

The democratic approach of Perfect Money payment system enables every Customer to decide independently which security settings user needs to use for his/her account. Every customer of PerfectMoney makes a compromise with him/herself and chooses own edge of convenience to use and protect the account from a non-authorized view or use.
Multi-level security system.
Every user has an opportunity to adjust security settings at the necessary level.
Identity Check
This tool is used for identification of PerfectMoney account Customer. This instrument is a kind of artificial eye for Perfect Money which may be cannot show the face of the Customer alive but provides the possibility to identify the computer used to enter the account.

In case if Customer authentication is performed from the net or subnet of IP addresses that are not related to the owner's account, PerfectMoney blocks the entrance to account and sends an additional safety code to the e-mail specified during account registration. Change of IP is made individually by means of Perfect Money Support Center.
SMS Authentication
This system is used for creation of logical connection between Customer account and his cell number to which PerfectMoney system sends confirmation code for identification of the real account owner. SMS Login system is the most perfect and reliable method of Customer protection from non-authorized account entrance as the time spent on the whole operation of code exchange and its entering into account is extremely short and insufficient for cracking operation.
CodeCard Protection
Customer gets a card with graphic picture of code sent to e-mail. For confirmation of transaction PerfectMoney system sends the Customer an inquiry on random order delivery of definite code from that card. CodeCard is a convenient and reliable protection measure for confirmation of transactions that has shown itself in the majority of prominent financial institutions of the world.

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